Imagine your marketing and messaging converting into more (fab) paying clients.

Because you feel confident in why your offers matter to your people and know how to communicate it in a way that feels good and works.

Snag my new approach to get to know your people reeeeaaally well beyond the boring demographic bs in this live workshop. You’ll understand what they value and why with a knowing of what experiences they want more of in their lives. 

Get more fab clients is a workshop guiding you through developing a more intimate understanding of your people, where they are and, specifically, what they value. 

It’s a new approach to unearthing a better understanding within yourself of who you want to work with and using it to guide your messaging and marketing.

I also walk you through how this will help you develop offers that are aligned with the emotional benefits they value, with concrete examples of how you can do this yourself. 

So that you can create copy, marketing content and brand experiences that captivates them, increase sales and reach your financial and non-financial goals.

You'll learn:

⟶ How to approach understanding who you want to work with

How to understand what they value

How you can tailor your brand experiences to make sure you're creating experiences they find delightful

How to develop your offers around what they value

How to figure out your emotional benefits (or the things that set you apart) so you can use them in your messaging

How to refine your messaging so you can market yourself with more confidence and clarity while connecting with those fab clients better

You'll get

immediate access to the 60-minute training
the slides in a downloadable PDF you can keep and reference
a workbook to support you in implementing the training

This workshop for you if:

⟶ Your marketing and messaging isn’t converting into paying clients

You don’t feel confident in why your offers matter to your people

You’re not reaching your financial and non-financial goals

You want to connect with your people in a more human way and build better, more lasting connections

You can’t accommodate their hesitations around working with you because you don’t understand what they are

You want someone to hold your hand and guide you through a process that can be feel muddy and confusing

You want to feel confident in your brand messaging so that copywriting, marketing and creating offers feels exciting

You can dedicate 60 minutes to the training and a couple of hours to implementing it.

Ready to know your clients better so you can book more of them?